Education Session for Parents, Teachers and Professionals

Reactive Kids: Understanding Self-Regulation in Children

2-Hour Seminar - Open to anyone who is raising or working with children. 

This event is recurring, held quarterly at the Collaborative Partnerships Clinic. 

2020 Dates (Subject to Change with Notice)

26th Febuary 2020; 7pm (Tickets on Sale Now)

27th May 2020; 7pm

19th August 2020; 7pm

25th November 2020; 7pm

4/9 Goshawk Blvd, Buderim QLD 4556

An Educational Seminar for Parents, Teachers and Professionals Working with Children - Presented by Sam Gourley (BOccThy)

What makes children difficult to manage? Is it the choices they make? Is it the expectations placed upon them? Or could it be that they just lack skills necessary to NOT be difficult? 

This 2-hour seminar will cover a basic introduction to some common developmental issues that can cause children to struggle with self-regulation (including ASD and ADHD). It will also cover some vital points of understanding that will support parents, teachers and professionals to communicate with and support children who live with these challenges. This presentation will also include a brief introduction to the Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (CPS) Model by Dr Ross Green. Attendees will leave the seminar with a refreshed perspective and practical strategies to use with their children or those they work with. 

This presentation is based on the latest research and understanding in the fields of developmental science and health. Resources to take home and light refreshments will be available. 



General Attendance: $35 per ticket

Bring a friend or spouse: $27.50 (minimun purchase 2x tickets)

Professional Development for Teachers and Educators

Beyond Behaviour: Fostering Success in Students with ASD

Two-Part Seminar Series for Primary and Early Learning Teachers

This is a Recurring Event, Held Bi-Yearly in 2020 

2020 Dates (Subject to Change with Notice:

18th and 25th March - 7pm

16th and 23rd September - 7pm


Recent data obtained by the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicate that 1 in every 52 Australian primary school age children will be diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in their childhood. In past years, ASD was a much less commonly encountered disorder. However in the modern classroom, it has become commonplace for teachers and learning support teams to adjust their teaching approach and environment to cater for an increasing number of students on the spectrum. 


Join us for an in-depth, candid and insightful look at the most common challenges that a classroom teacher may face when working with a child living with ASD, and learn the practical strategies that can be implemented in your classroom to enable these amazing children to be successful. In this 3-part seminar, Sam Gourley (Paediatric Occupational Therapist) will comprehensively review the key concepts and practical strategies for supporting students with ASD in the classroom, including:

- Understanding how ASD presents

- Social Communication Issues and Restricted Repetitive Behaviours

- Managing Expectations from Stakeholders 

- Sensory Processing Challenges

- Supporting Self-Regulation

- Determining the Function of Problem Behaviours

- Positive Behaviour Support Plans

- Working with Parents and Allied Health Professionals Effectively

- What to do when nothings working!


This seminar is suitable for all primary and early childhood educators, tertiary education students, school officers, learning support teams, and allied health professionals supporting primary school aged children with an interest in participation in mainstream schooling. 


Upon completion of the 2-part seminar, all attendees will recieve a certificate of participation stating completion of 4 hours of professional development which can be used as evidence of PD activity undertaken for professional registration purposes.

Ticket Cost

See below for prices. 

Customised Training for Parents and Educators 

Customised training options are available for schools, early learning centres, and other organisations working with parents and families. We run training and development services with early learning centres constantly thoughout the school year and packages are available to suit any centre/school budget. Many early learning centres utilise Innovative Solutions funding for this staff training. Contact us today for more information or a quote.

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