Rural Schools Developmental Outreach Program

Supporting Teaching and Learning Through Allied Health Intervention in Regional and Remote Schools

Rural Schools Developmental Outreach Program

Collaborative Partnerships is now partnering with rural and remote education institutions to provide short-term or intermittant allied health support with the goal of achieving the following goals:
  1. Provide developmental intervention at a macro level within regional schools.
2. Provide developmental assessment of individual children who cannot access allied health services within their rural community. 
 3. Provide education to teaching staff who are within the early stages of their career and are working in rural or remote areas.
The Rural School Developmental Outreach Program enables rural schools to recieve many of the same benefits of allied health support as many urban schools do currently. Accessing allied health support will enable urban schools to more easily have students verified for Queensland Education funding. Along with this, teachers will have the opportunity to improve their teaching practices and classroom routines to better support individual students who may not be performing to their potential due to developmental issues. 

Are you a teacher or principal in a regional or remote school?


If so, we want to hear from you. If you feel your school or institution may benefit from Allied Health support in participating in the Rural School Development Outreach Program, please complete this form.

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