Funding Options

Early Intervention: Helping Children with Autism/Better Start Funding Packages:

The Department of Social Services offers children with certain diagnosed disabilities, such as autism, $12000 funding to support Early Intervention until their 7th birthday. This includes up to $6000 per year for therapies and $2000 per year for resources. Collaborative Partnerships Occupational Therapy is a registered provider of Early Intervention for children with autism and other approved disabilities requiring ongoing early intervention assessment and therapy. Collaborative Partnerships is also able to approve resources for purchase using these funding packages (depending on clinical relevance).

Note: From 2018 these funding packages will roll into the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), please discuss this with your OT for more information.


Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC) or Chronic Disease Management Plan

An Enhanced Primary Care Plan (Also known as Chronic Disease Management Plan) is a referral given by a GP, and usually comprise a team care arrangement with at least one other health professional. These provide a rebate of $52.95 per session for up to 5 allied-health sessions per calendar year at the discretion of your GP. Letters will be sent following the first and last of the allocated sessions. These can be claimed via online claiming through Medicare or at your local Medicare office.


Autism Care Plans:

Children who are referred from a paediatrician for investigation or treatment associated with possible/confirmed autism spectrum disorder are eligible for up to 20 allied health sessions, with a rebate of $70.65 per session, over the child’s lifetime to assist with the diagnostic/therapeutic process. This care plan can only be used at the discretion of your child’s paediatrician. This care plan is independent of other care plans and funding packages.


Private Health Funds:

Depending on your private health policy, you may be entitled to receive rebates from your private health fund for allied health sessions. The amount and frequency of rebates available varies between funds so check with your private health fund to see if they cover Occupational Therapy. Collaborative Partnerships uses HICAPS and is able to process your claim for almost all health funds on the spot.



The Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme (MASS) is the federal governments funding initiative to support the purchase of mobility and living aides. CAETAI (Community Aides Equipment and Assistive Technology Initiative) is more specific to equipment to help children with disabilities access the community and covers modified bikes, other mobility aids and assistive technology. This funding is $10000 every 3 years for eligable clients. To qualify for this funding, the child must be registered with the Department of Communities, Cild Safety and Disability Services and have a BIS number. The funding is all-inclusive and covers all the assessments to prescribe the equipment, the equipment trial and delivery


Parent Connect:

Parent connect are a community organisation that can support children with special needs. In some cases, they may be able to provide funding to parents of children with complex care needs requiring comprehensive assessment. They may be contacted by phone at (07) 4759 2037. Please also see for more information.


Bulk Billing and Payment Plans:

Collaborative Partnerships is able to offer bulk billed therapy sessions to a limited number of clients. Bulk billing is only available to Healthcare Card holders who are also have a EPC/CDMP or ASD Care plan, and waitlists apply. For assessments of children with complex care needs, we recommend you explore the Parent Connect option noted above.


Ask about group options, as these may help make ongoing therapy more accessible for some families. 

Please note: Collaborative Partnerships and its directors, owners and shareholders accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the general information contained within this page. Parents should consult with their GP or child health professional before acting on any of these options.

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