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Occupational Therapy 
Sunshine Coast

We provide Occupational Therapy for kids on the Sunshine Coast to help them overcome developmental challenges using evidence-based and family centred interventions. Find out how we can support your family's developmental needs.

Welcome t0 C0llaborative Partnerships

Collaborative Partnerships Pty Ltd is a paediatric Occupational Therapy service in Buderim, in the heart of the Sunshine Coast.

Our passion is providing the highest quality, family centred and comprehensive early intervention services to children with special needs and their families. We aim to support all children to be able to engage in all the fun and learning that childhood has to offer. 

Our Therapists provide clinic, school and home based Occupational Therapy services within the Sunshine Coast region.

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Our Services

We support children from infancy into their teen years with a range of developmental needs and diagnostic priorities. Some of our clients have formal diagnoses, and may also be NDIS participants. However many of our clients may not have any particular diagnosis or disorder, but simply need a little help in their development.

We commonly provide assessment and intervention for children with:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Attention Disorders or Concentration Problems

  • Developmental Delays

  • Behavioural Disorders

  • Seizure Disorders

  • Sensory Processing Challenges

  • and more.

Interventions provided are personalised to support each child and their families individually.

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What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy is an allied health profession centred on an individuals

engagement in 'occupations'.

An occupation is any activity that occupies time in a person's life. At various times in life, people may need support to be able to manage the occupations of their life.

Paediatric Occupational Therapy centres on enabling children to engage with the meaningful occupations, activities and routines of their daily life. This may include both home-based and school-based occupations,  including thing like play, self-care, school/early learning engagement, daily living skills just to name a few.

Funding Options

Collaborative Partnerships is committed to making therapy options as accessable as possible and has a number of different funding options that parents can access depending on their families financial needs.


About Collaborative Partnerships

Collaborative Partnerships Pty Ltd is a company founded by Sam Gourley (Occupational Therapist and Child Health Enthusiast) to provide therapeutic Occupational Therapy services to children on the Sunshine Coast, and also to meet the professional development needs of teachers, daycare educators, child health workers and others who have an interest in children with special needs. Collaborative Partnerships also specialise in innovative projects that support children with Autism in the Sunshine Coast region, such as the Therapy Assistance Sunshine Coast (TASC) Program.

Sam Gourley standing against a post on a farm

Sam Gourley 

Founder and Director

Samuel Gourley has a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy from the University of the Sunshine Coast. Sam has been local to the region since moving up from Tasmania in 2008. Sam is a paediatric OT and has a passion for paediatric Occupational Therapy and maintains full registration with AHPRA. In 2014, Sam was nominated for the prestigious Epilepsy Queensland Health Services Award for outstanding service to people with Epilepsy. Sam has extensive experience in supporting children with ASD and complex behavioural needs using a number of evidence-based approaches. Sam has also trained and educated hundreds of Queensland teachers, daycare/early learning educators and child health workers on how to best support children with disabilities, particularly Autism in education settings, and is regularly contracted by schools to provide consultation and professional development services. 

Sam and his wife Kelli-Anne are parents to five beautiful children; Olive, Hazel, Bennett, Patterson and Marigold. Sam is an avid video blogger and loves sharing child development tips on social media (Follow Sam for Updates! Facebook - Sam Gourley Occupational Therapist or Instagram - @samgourleyot).

Would you like to know more about how we can support you and your child?

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